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It’s Almost Time for Your AC System Upgrade

Upgrading from an R22 system to an energy-efficient R410A system could save you roughly $100 per month. Not only does it save you money, it pays for itself in a few years, and it helps the environment.


  • R22 refrigerant was banned because it depletes the ozone layer in the atmosphere, but R410A doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion
  • R410A cools more efficiently, keeping homes cooler with higher outdoor temps, all while using less energy
  • With the R22 phase out, old equipment is no longer being made, so it’s difficult to find and expensive when found
  • R410A is the standard for cooling in the US, Japan, and Europe, because beginning January 1 2020, the production and importation of R22 will be banned

AMS ColdPro Offers Up-Front Pricing for Heating and AC in Houston

Value is at the intersection of high-quality and low cost – we do business right there, on that corner. Furthermore, we use only certified and registered installation and service technicians and provide estimates within a specified radius. 24-hour emergency repair is also available (additional fees may apply.) We focus on your comfort needs whether it is the cooling relief of air conditioning, improving air quality and health, or the coziness of a successful heating system. We deliver a variety of solutions for heating and AC in Houston.


We service, repair, and replace the following:

Air Conditioning Unit (Condenser), Commercial Package Units, Heating Furnaces, Electric Heating Air Handlers, Evaporator Coils, Heat Pumps, Ductless Mini Split Systems, Air Ducts (Design and Installation), Air Purifiers, Media Air Filters, Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers, Thermostats (WiFi, Smart Controls), Compressors, Fan Motors, Blower Motors, Capacitors, Circuit Boards, in addition, ALL Parts relating to your HVAC System(s).



Estimates for repair, service and installation of Heating and AC in Houston. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.


Commercial and Residential

Offices and businesses need to be cool just like our homes. There’s no building too tall, and no attic too hot for our techs.

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New Construction and Remodel

Adding a game room, craft room, or man-cave probably involves some new AC work. We’ve got your construction and remodel project covered.

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Indoor Air Quality

Don’t let pollen, allergens and bacteria make you or your children suffer inside your home or office. Air-purification systems and advanced filtration can even help eliminate pet odors.

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Retrofit and Upgrade

Are you ready for the R22 phase out in 2020? AMS ColdPro can help maintain and improve your current system or upgrade you to a high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly R410A system, saving you hundreds on energy costs while providing unparalleled comfort.


Preventative Maintenance

We offer a 12-point inspection, tuning and cleaning to ensure that you’ll get the most efficiency, heating and cooling out of your system. This can save you unexpected expenses in the long run and provide your system maximum longevity.

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