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AMS ColdPro

A letter from our owner and founder, Huy Nguyen:

“My parents fled communist Vietnam in the 70’s. Their journey to America was terrible. Furthermore, they arrived with nothing but the dreams of a better life for my family. My parents have an impressive work ethic and integrity, and I learned how to be a success through the things they taught me.

It’s my life goal to make my parents proud. I aim to let them know that everything they sacrificed wasn’t in vain. Through AMS ColdPro and my HVAC expertise, I plan to do just that.”

– Huy Nguyen


Huy Nguyen was born and Raised in Houston, TX. Huy graduated from Katy High School, and studied business and economics at the University of Houston.

Huy is the son of Vietnamese parents who were refugees of a war stricken country. His family risked their lives and took a gamble to escape to America. With hard work, patience, and sacrifice, Huy’s parents provided their children a chance to live in a country with freedom and the opportunity to live the American Dream. Huy, the Founder/Owner of AMS ColdPro, LLC is honored to have the opportunity to build his own company and serve his clients’ HVAC needs.

AMS ColdPro is Air You Can Trust. Each tech is painstakingly chosen to ensure they uphold the highest level of dedication and integrity. We service according to UMC, IMC, IFGC, Manual J & Manual D codes and requirements. AMS ColdPro is fully insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.

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