We believe firmly in energy-efficient replacement of old systems, but if it can be repaired, we'll repair it. As R22 systems are phased out, repairing old systems becomes more expensive. AMS ColdPro is a preferred factory authorized dealer of the best brands in the HVAC industry.

Service and Repair

Every AMS ColdPro tech has dealt with a pushy salesperson, and we're all in agreement nobody likes that. We'll do our best to service or repair your heating/cooling issues when replacing equipment is not an option - guaranteed.

New Construction

From commercial to residential, from new builds to renovations, we're the licensed, insured HVAC contractor you need for your new construction project. We can design, install, service and repair your system at any phase of construction.

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We’re more than just the AC Guy.

We’re living the American dream, one call at a time.

AMS ColdPro is a family owned and operated business. That means we’re more nimble than the big guys, with the same products, and better service.

Our reputation precedes us – check the reviews anywhere online.

AMS ColdPro can repair anything that is cost-effective to do so, and we are licensed to purchase and install new equipment for those issues that aren’t. In other words, if something can be repaired we will get it repaired, and if a new system changeout replacement is needed, we have you covered there as well. AMS ColdPro is a family owned and operated business. That means AMS ColdPro strives to give the consumer professional and honest work based on a one-on-one relationship, giving the consumer the most affordable prices. AMS ColdPro believes that professional service is not about being cheap to beat competitor prices/bids, but about quality and giving the consumer what they paid for. AMS ColdPro strives to give you the best of both worlds by giving the consumer the most affordable prices without compromising the quality of service.
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AMS ColdPro is a Preferred Factory Authorized Dealer

Air You Can Trust. Hundreds of 5 Star reviews say it better than we ever could.


This many AC Units per month will fail in Houston due to lack of Preventative Maintenance.


The average cost per month for a Houston home with a 13 seer or lower, R22 system.


The average cost per month for a Houston home with a high-efficiency 16 seer or higher, R410A system.


Licensed HVAC professionals in Houston, compared to ~18,000 that aren't. We're one of the 360.

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